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Catholic Community Volunteer Services

Who We Are

Volunteer Chore Services is designed to help low-income seniors and disabled adults stay in their own homes as long as it is safely possible. Volunteer Chore Services is able to provide assistance to those who can not afford to pay for services we provide, do not qualify for assistance elsewhere or do not have family and friends available to them. With the help of community volunteers we are able to give of our time and talents to help those who really need help in our communities.

What We Do

We believe that the elderly should be able to live with security and dignity. We believe in compassion, love and respect for all people. We believe in joining with others to change systems that oppress, discriminate or otherwise cause suffering. We believe in all of these things for all people, whatever their color, whatever language they speak or however they worship. Volunteer Chore Serives began in 1981 as a grassroots response to a State-wide budget cuts that left over 4,000 elders with out help. WA. State's legislature awarded Catholic Community Services of King County a small grant to operate and develope VCS in other area's of the state. Today, VCS servers our low-income elderly and disabled adults in all 39 counties and the land of 2 major Indian Nations.


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